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Join Mia McLeod & Remy Taylor of The Digital-Collective Co. for a free training taking you through the latest in top trends for social media.

In this free training, participants will learn the top trends for social media, plus content strategies on how to succeed online from The Digital-Collective Co Methodology.


Here's What We're Covering

What's Trending Today

We are going to deep dive into Instagram Reels, Ecommerce growth on TikTok, Using LinkedIn as a Creator, How to Use Social Media as an Influencer, What types of Facebook Ads to use, and more!

How These Platforms Stack Up

Then, we'll go over how each platform works and how to best use it for your industry. We'll go over usage and demographics, so you know which platform is best for you! Keep in mind that you don't have to be on all of them. 

Consumer Trends & Global Statistics 

Of course, we've got to talk about the latest & upcoming trends. We'll break down what trends we are currently seeing that work well, then dive into what trends you should expect come 2023. We will give you a good understanding of global statistics, so you know what's happening across the globe! 

PLUS step-by-step content inspiration, posting ideas, and insight on how to create effective and engaging social media content. 

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A full-service digital collective of experts with a mission to help clients build commercially viable businesses and communicate messages and stories authentically. 
Webinar host, Mia McLeod, founded the Digital-Collective Co. in 2020 by combining the complementary skills of her colleagues to create a collective of professionals geared toward helping businesses improve digital marketing efforts. 
Members of the collective boast years of working for some of the largest content companies, digital businesses, advertising and marketing agencies, and some of the world’s leading and most exciting brands.
We have it all…social media, branding, eCommerce, digital marketing, and more. 
We are commercially driven.
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We are…simply put - the best to turn to for insight on the latest trends and how to continue with engaging content for your business. 

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